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Savanté Wine Cellars is proud to set a new standard of excellence in the Wine Cellar industry.
innovative designs and superior materials have been engineered into artistic
masterpieces that will become a centerpiece of your home.

While other cellar companies continue to use the same old
redwood ladder designs, Savanté expands the design possibilities.

With our proprietary processes of steam bending, color fuming and furniture joinery,
we create a newclass of cellars designed to reflect your personality and appreciation for fine
wines and heirloom quality construction

Fumed wood

Savanté Wine Cellars are built green.
We utilize recycled materials, certified sources of
renewable hardwoods and formaldehyde free sheet goods
in addition to eliminating chemical finishes from our ce

Fumed wood

Our AWARD WINNING designers and skilled craftsman will create,
build and install your custom wine cellar to exact specifications that will exceed your expectations.
CAD, 3D computer renderings and hand drawn illustrations are available to help you envision your wine room

Fumed wood

We also recognize that stains and chemical finishes
in your cellar and wine racking can off gas, be absorbed
by the cork, and ruin your wine.
This is why we have incorporated fuming into our coloration
process, along with a non toxic butcher-block oil.
All of our earth-friendly options will ensure that your collection is protected and your cellar exudes an unparalleled look of sophistication. Whether you choose Raw White Oak, which will
patina as it ages with the wine or Fumed White Oak and Oiled
White Oak to achieve a darker look, your Savanté
cellar will be both stunning and sustainable

Natural finish Fumed and Oiled finish
Visit our sister site: Hogeback Woodworking for more custom furniture design.

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