Colorado Expression Publishes Savanté’s 2015 CARE Award Win

Colorado Home Builders Association Honors 2015 Winners

Savanté Wine Cellars has been honored with the Colorado Award for Remodeling Excellence by the Home Builders Association. The Clark Room won first place in the specialty room’s category. This will be the second award the Clark Room has received, the first being the Woodworking Network’s Design Portfolio. We are proud to share that Colorado Expression Magazine has included us in their winner’s spread.

How an Office Became A Custom Wine Cellar

Originally an unused office, Savanté Wine Cellars, along with a team of interior designers, custom artisans and contractors, transformed the space into a decadent cellar. Several architectural and engineering feats first had to be overcome, such as necessary floor re-enforcements and bay window adaptations. In addition to the Clark’s collection of over three thousand bottles and the custom woodworking, the weight needed to be taken into account for the room’s longevity.

The large carousel in the middle of the room also needed specific engineering to fit in the space. Each level was crafted to move independently to minimize bottle disruption. The curved walnut racking and re-claimed wine barrel stave counters adds a warmth and intimate feel to the space. A custom rolling ladder for accessing high bottles was added to increase inventory efficiency. Custom stained glass was designed, including the family’s crest, and several European vineyards they frequented were incorporated to diffuse the light for the collections preservation.

Many Thanks

We want to thank our fellow partners on this project and congratulate them on this award as well. We are extremely proud of this wine cellar due to its truly unique and unmatched beauty. For more of our award winning rooms, please visit our accolades page and to view more photos of the Clark Room visit the Sommelier Collection.

How to Prepare Your Space for a Wine Cellar

If you already have an existing home and are thinking of adding a wine cellar in a space you just haven't found the right use for here are some helpful tips. Existing spaces can easily become beautifully appointed wine cellars with the proper preparation mostly due to the temperature controlled factor that most wine rooms require. Lighting placement throughout the racks is also a factor in where the electrical access points are. Humidity, in addition to insulating against temperature change needs to be factored in as well since moisture can be damaging to an unprepared space. See our checklist below that we use when consulting with perspective clients and builders. 

  • Use at least 2” x 4” studs to frame the wine cellar. The thicker the better because more installation can be added.

  • Apply 6mm plastic to “warm” exterior walls to create a vapor barrier. Overlap the edges and seal all holes in the plastic.

  • A minimum of R-13 installation is required for interior walls; minimum R-19 for exterior walls and minimum r-19 for ceilings. Spray foam is best.

  • All piping and wiring inside of the wine cellar needs to be in the correct positions before installation of wine racks can begin.

  • Use “purple board” to cover the studs and vapor barrier because of its superior moisture and mold resistance.

  • Nearly any kind of flooring can be used. Carpet should never be used because of the high moisture content in the room.

  • The wine cellar door must be an exterior grade, 1 ¾” minimum thick door with weather stripping attached to all sides of the doorjamb. Glass doors must have at least double pane-tempered glass.

  • Cooling units themselves come in a variety of sizes and designs; each is best utilized in different areas of a wine cellar based on minimizing noise and maximizing efficiency. 

As you can see the additional work needed to prepare an existing space can be more involved than if the wine cellar is factored in prior to building a home. Contractors can then build to more precise specifications like the ones above to avoid extra cost.  

Check out the Freeman Cellar! Our Newest Completed Project!

Check out the Freeman Cellar! Our Newest Completed Project!

Please welcome the newest addition to the Sommelier Collection's archive! A large room wrapped in steam bent walnut racking. This cellar houses over 1000 bottles of our clients exquisite collection including ample case storage as well. We will be adding more pictures of this room soon! Stay tuned!

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Savanté Wins 2015 Design Portfolio Award

The 2015 Design Portfolio Awards are are given annually to honor custom woodworkers for their outstanding craftsmanship. We submitted the Clark wine room as our entry to the special products category. This room is the epitome of craftsmanship and functional beauty. Entering the awe-inspiring space of the Clark room, part of our Sommelier Collection, brings the same amount of utter "wow" factor that experiencing an authentic European vineyard would.

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