Savanté Wins 2015 Design Portfolio Award

The 2015 Design Portfolio Awards are are given annually to honor custom woodworkers for their outstanding craftsmanship. We submitted the Clark wine room as our entry to the special products category. This room is the epitome of craftsmanship and functional beauty. Entering the awe-inspiring space of the Clark room, part of our Sommelier Collection, brings the same amount of utter "wow" factor that experiencing an authentic European vineyard would.

You are greeted by a large floor-to-ceiling carousel filled with glistening bottles. The Clark family’s extensive collection of over 2000 bottles feels at home in the space. Placed in a curved wall there are vibrant and ornate stained glass panels featuring 4 of the most famous wineries in world anchored by the family's crest. Hundreds of reclaimed wine barrels were used to form the bench seat under the stained glass windows and the countertops making the room environmentally friendly while still retaining its elegance.

Aside from the breathtaking curves and quiet lighting the atmosphere in the Clark room is overtly peaceful. It also harbors an efficient solution to managing and curating a very large collection. Due to the particular size of the clients collection the inventory is loaded into specific software on an iPad allowing each bottle to be easily located via corresponding numbers lasered onto every bottle’s compartment.

The highly technical construction of this room melts into its own effortless design. Extreme attention to detail is apparent in every aspect of the custom woodwork; from the curved crown molding wrapping the entire room to an antique-style curved ladder system bringing a charming element to the sophisticated space. We are extremely proud of this room and are grateful for the recognition of the Custom Design Portfolio Awards.

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*All Patent and Patent Pending design and construction techniques are the intellectual property of Savanté Wine Cellars Denver Colorado. Copyright 2015