The Stave Oak Collection uses reclaimed parts of retired wine barrels to create aged wine racks. From the unique shape and form of the white oak staves, to the steel bands that hold the barrels together, to the cooperage brand on the wood, we reuse every part of the barrel to create a unique cellar racking system. The barrels can also be utilized for flooring, counter tops, and other artistic details that  adds authenticity to the wine cellar.

This Collection gets its name from the Sommelier: a wine expert who hand selects the perfect wine for its taste and body. We design each Sommelier room with the collector and wine connoisseur in mind. Each detail is built to hold and protect each bottle in your collection in the safest way possible. Our fume and oil technique for darkening the wood allows for a large range of custom design variations. 

From clear bottle holders, to color changing illumination, the Illuminum Collection is sure to catch your attention. The chic styling of this collection offers a contemporary alternative to the traditional wine cellar. If new age design, simplistic features, and inexpensive are on your wine cellar wish list than a room from our Illuminum collection may be a perfect fit. Offering a large variety of unique design options, these rooms can match any decor.