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The Savanté Collections difference:

Just as your palate deserves the finest wine, you home deserves the
finest wine storage.

This is why the designers at Savanté Wine Cellars have created a series of collections that marry timeless furniture construction with modern, eco-friendly design technology. The result is an eloquent and efficient display of your investment

The professional design team at Savante Wine Cellars will work with you to create a wine cellar that reflects your personal tastes. During the process, computer aided drawings and artist renderings are used to bring your visualization to life, allowing you to envision your new wine room like never before. Our skilled craftsmen will then fabricate and install your cellar components to your exact specifications, exceeding expectations along
the way.

Why white oak? As the wood of choice for winemakers, white oak is significantly stronger compared to redwood, and has the same decay resistance rating. It provides for a rich look that will last a lifetime and offers a cellar constructed in the very materials used to perfectly age the wine that graces its pristine shelves.
Our proprietary designs allow for efficient spacing of various sized bottles, with better protection while providing a clear and protected display of your valuable vintage labels.
Mortise and tenon construction creates furniture grade strength without using nails, staples or screws to assemble your racking system. Much like the heirloom quality furnishings that grace the rest of your home, Savanté cellars are built with integrity and the finest attention to detail the will last a lifetime. Detail that exudes sophistication and mirrors perfection to those who enter your wine room.
Air Flow Airflow
Using 25% less material by volume that other wood systems allows for greater airflow around your bottles. This design keeps the bottles at the proper temperature.
Versatility in design Versatility
Savanté allows the collector to customize a wine room with built-in cabinetry and architectual millwork, in addition to utilizing a quality wood species that matches the home's decor such as cherry, walnut, maple or mahogany.
Finishing touches
It is all in the subtle details, and whether you want a unique shade of wood tone, a specific style, or laser engraved details, Savante can give you the look you desire.
Savanté Collections
Stave Oak Collection Stave Oak Collection
The Sommelier Collection gets its name from the Sommelier: an expert on wine who hand selects the wine for its taste and body. SAVANTÉ designs the Sommelier racking with the collector and wine Connoisseur in mind, each detail is built to hold and protect your bottle of wine without damaging it in any way.
Stave Oak Collection Stave Oak Collection
The Stave Oak Collection uses reclaimed parts of retired wine barrels to create aged wine racks. From the unique shape and form of the white oak staves, to the steel bands that hold the barrels together, to the cooperage brand on the wood, Savante re-uses every part of the barrel to create a unique cellar racking system.
Coming Soon Illuminum Collection
From clear bottle holders, to color changing illumination, the Illuminum Collection from Savante is sure to catch your attention. If you want a totally different look for your wine room, the Illuminum collection may just be what you are looking for.
Visit our sister site: Hogeback Woodworking for more custom furniture design.
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