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Granados Wine Room
Holiday 1

"Savante Wine Cellars parallels the passion and craftsmanship of the wine that fills our cellar, Our favorite feature is the reactions of our guests when they
enter the room"

Granados Family

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Sommelier Collection    
Cuthsberson Wine Room

"I have been building custom homes for 30 years. My wife and I had been looking for several years for a unique, high end wine racking system for our wine cellar and were frustrated by the level of quality generally available even in other co called 'custom systems.'
Then we ran in to Savante. The unique White Oak racking system developed by Savante Wine Cellars was exactly what we were looking for. The airflow, function, appearance, quality and craftsmanship are superior to anything else that I have ever seen.
An unanticipated added benefit to this system is that the Oak makes the wine cellar smell like a wine cellar should.
If you are looking for the best, look no further than Savante Wine Cellars."

Mike Cuthberson.
Cuthberson wine room
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Holliday Wine Room
Holiday 1 "Savante was terrific in helping us design the wine cellar in our new home.

The quality, design, workmanship, materials, and installation were all outstanding.

Savante has made this the favorite room in our new home."

Randy and Debbie Holliday
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Sommelier Collection    
Silver Oak Wine Room

Made exclusively from barrel staves procured from Silver Oak vineyards, this wine room displays its bottles proudly. This room features Curved Stave Corners, Barrel Head Doors, Stave Diamond Racking, and custom painted artwork on the wood backing.

"As an Interior designer, I like to present at least three sources to my clients when doing custom work. When seeking a wine cellar craftsman for my client, they selected Savante not because they were the least expensive, buy because they were the most innovative and suggested using old barrels to create the racking. The racks were fumed and have a beautiful patina as well as being 'green'. My clients and I are so happy with the finished cellar."

Patra Attig
Interior Design by Patra

Silver Oak 1
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Elk Creek Ranch
Elk Creek Ranch 1 Elk Creek Ranch asked Savante to design the wine rooms for their new hunting and fishing lodge. Three separate areas, the Red room, White room, and Members storage as well as the round dining room.

The round dinning room features display racking which holds the evenings selection wine for the dinner party.

Each bottle space was numbered, so that the Sommelier can inventory individual
owners wines.
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Sommelier Collection    
Sphral Residence

In-site Design Group asked Savante to create a wine room where the bottles looked like they were floating, as seen from the dining room.

We fabricated an Illuminum Collection system in custom acrylic shapes to properly hold the bottles.

This wine room featured in Luxe magazine.

Sphral Wine Room
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Mountain Living's Natural Dream Home
Reclaimed French oak barrel staves from the Hill Family Estate Vineyard were used to create custom wine storage racks for the 'Natural Dream Home' featured in Mountain Living
magazine's February issue.

Made of durable decay-resistant white oak, the corner racks are steam bent, then colored with a natural fuming process. Barrel heads were used to make the door and drawer fronts and show the cooperage logo and the circa of the barrel.
Sommelier Collection    
Davis Wine Room
This Sommelier room features two walls of
horizontal bottle holders and upper case and bottle storage, enabling the client to maximize every wall
to its fullest potential.

"I just simply love my wine cellar."

John Davis
Davis Wine Room 1
    Sommelier Collection

Bellotti Wine room
Beliten Wine Room 1 An under the stair closet was transformed into a wine cellar featuring; mirrored angled diamond storage, horizontal display and ten bottle wide Sommelier racking. Maximizing bottle storage in an otherwise unused space.

Featured in Aspen Magazine
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Sommelier Collection    
Chamberlin Wine Room

Cabinet racking in this room was built using American Walnut with a non-toxic oil finish.

"(SAVANTÉ) did a wonderful job on my wine cellar - it is a focal point of my new house and everyone remarks on how beautiful it is -
Thanks for your help."

David Chamberlin

Chamberlin wine room
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Chamberlin 5


The Reserve List Wine Store
The Reserve List Savante also builds custom fixtures for
commercial wine stores.

The Reserve list store is now open in Denver, Colorado in the heart of the quaint Platte Park neighborhood just south of downtown Denver.

Reserve List
1886 South Pearl Street
Denver, CO
303-722-LIST (5478)

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Sommelier Collection Reserve list  
Other Wine Rooms by Savanté

1) This wine room features the Sommelier collection in a modern look. Instead of using traditional white oak, the customer wanted to use maple.

2) - 2.3) Sommelier collection in unfinished white oak, with wine barrel features.

3) Sommelier racking in American Walnut with LED display row lighting.

4) Arched top cabinets in fumed white oak with solid tongue and grove backing. Custom wine room door.

Holtz Maple wine room
Iglehart 1 Iglehart 2 Iglehart 2 Youngs wine room
Holtz Maple room
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