Our draftsman specialize in conceptualizing the perfect wine cellar in any unused space. Making sure that the size of your wine collection is factored in as well as appropriately prioritizing the storage style based on your specific collections is our specialty.  Based on your preferred design style, Sommelier, Stave Oak, or Illuminum, our designers will maximize your cellar space with diamond storage, cabinetry, drawers, hutches, shelving, carousels and racking to create efficient storage in a beautifully appointed setting. We can accommodate or help you ideate your decanting area as a focal point. Featured bottles, artwork, or laser-work can all be factored in with the help of strategic LED lighting layout that illuminates the luxurious design of your room. 

We can also help you with the general interior design of your wine room. From choosing the flooring, sconce lighting, doors etc. We can design everything from a custom tasting table, to ornate stained glass doors/windows depending on your homes decor. The room's size and location in the home will dictate the cooling unit required which will help our designers layout the room for energy efficiency as well.