The Aspen home features an exclusively designed custom wine cellar by yours truly, Savante Wine Cellars. Part of Sommelier Collection the wine cellar features ample diamond and case storage as well as the wrap-around single bottle racking. The temperature control is made easier by the stone walls and luxurious walnut wood used throughout the room. A hammered copper sink, contemporary LED lighting and chandelier complement the large glass doors that allow the room to be seen from every angle of the adjacent room used for entertaining.   


LUXE Magazine is a quarterly journal that showcases luxury residential architecture, design, interiors and products, with regional editions in Chicago, Colorado, Texas, Southern California and Seattle. Visit their website at: The Sphral Room was featured LUXE magazine, part of Savante's Illuminum Collection. The acrylic racking system fits the decor of the chic Sphral residence and draws the focus to the bottles themselves instead of the cabinetry. 

When entertaining the idea of building a wine cellar, getting the most out of a smaller space can be challenging. Thankfully this wine cellar in Aspen was built to maximize the space for a decent sized collection using two types of racking system.

As the article details, both dowel racking and waterfall racking, were used to allow for maximum bottle storage while not eliminating space to walk in and out. A traditional, white oak wine cellar was desired by the homeowner to blend with their rustic mountain motif throughout their house. Savanté turned a closet into a fully lit and cooled wine cellar fit for the beautiful Aspen residence. See to find out more.

Luxe Magazine did a feature piece on Darryl's accomplishments including one of his inspirational furniture designs as well as the Elk Creek Ranch wine cellar, part of the Sommelier Collection. Click here to see more photos of the wine cellar. In the article, Darryl goes into some detail about how the Savanté process results in sustainable masterpieces.  As equal parts, artist and engineer Darryl loves sharing his passion for the craft of woodworking as well as his passion for wine. Savanté specialized in constructing safe racking systems that flawlessly preserve extensive collections all over Colorado.  To learn more about the multiple rooms at Elk Creek Ranch visit their website.

FDMC Magazine released the results of the 2013 Veneer Tech Craftsman Challenge, for which Savanté Wine Cellars won the top prize in the "Architectural Millwork" category for their Promenade Room featured on both the cover and the top image.

The Veneer Tech Craftsman Challenge brings many craftsman from all over the county to display highly creative projects. Everything from yacht interior design to end tables using veneer products were recognized for many of the award categories. See more of the Promenade Room and the other other entries for the Veneer Tech Craftsman Challenge see the article here

Colorado Expression Magazine did a feature on the multiple rooms we crafted for the Elf Creek Ranch Resort in Meeker Colorado. Having a rustic yet luxurious tasting room for their guests as well as an ample room strictly for storage and display was of great importance to the good people of Elk Creek Ranch.

Guests have been enjoying the Ranch's extensive wine collection in private group settings ever since. Elk Creek Ranch boasts the best fly fishing in Colorado, making it a great place to unwind after a long day of fishing with some exotic Cabernet's from their collection.

Details coming soon.

Mountain House and Home Magazine did a piece on green home design and prominently displayed the Silver Oak wine room as a prime example that eco-friendly can be luxurious. The natural finished and sustainably sourced white oak accents blend perfectly with reclaimed barrel stave racking, barrel head cabinets and stave diamonds. 

The wine cellar is still the underdog of the Interior Design world. However the desire to have a space for wine is increasing much like the interest in collecting itself.  Serious wine connoisseurs know the value of preserving their prized bottles while still making a smart construction decision as well as financial one. Using reclaimed materials passes the savings of those material onto the homeowner as well as reducing our carbon footprint. As we like to say, "Age your wine in the wood it was born".



This article by Flair Magazine features the Sphral Room and the Holiday Room. The article highlights the different way that we at Savante think of collecting wine. When traveling as a wine connoisseur you taste the areas distinct flavors and notes and choosing your favorites. Bringing home a case of the finest Cabernet you found in France is more than just making sure you'll have a bottle of it at your next holiday party. It is allowing yourself to relive each moment you were there in France, laughing and relaxing with friends in that beautiful villa. Scientifically it is a fact that flavor/smells can bring back memories more vividly than any other trigger. At Savante we have a passion for protecting memories bottle after bottle.

We're not sure how we we're the only ones to think of it, To us it seems so obvious. Using reclaimed wine barrels as racking was a revolutionary idea back then. The Denver Business Journal thought so too.  Giving new life to the previously used is what we're all about. For the last 6 years we have refined and honed our reclaimed construction style to produce beautiful wine cellars and maximize the barrels utilization. Cabinet doors, counter tops, racking, and accent pieces have all been created using reclaimed wine barrels. Our Winery Partnership Program allows us to receive barrels from California vineyards like Silver Oak. 

The L.A. Times wrote a piece on us for their blog. They shared Savante's earth friendly design styles with their huge audience! They featured our Silver Oak room of the Stave Oak Collection. The room features reclaimed wine barrel stave racking, cabinet storage, and interlocking stave diamond storage as well. The LED lighting features highlight the large collection and the laser/painted piece of the Silver Oak winery logo in the center decanting area. The room was done for a relative connected to Silver Oak itself making this cellar very personal and unique. The wood was left natural to patina over time for that "old world look".